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Accessories Foams

Millstream foam products are made of the same high-quality ripple and flat foams with which we line our boxes. The molded ripple foam is velvety soft and springy, keeping wear to a minimum - unlike more rigid foams. It's also made in the U.S.A., just like our boxes.

Millstream Ripple Refills
Replace tattered foam liners with Millstream high-density Ripple Refills to make old boxes like new! Each package contains one sheet each of 1/8" flat and ripple foam with peel-off backing paper. We also offer 3/16" thick Double Flat Refills for larger size boxes. Just trim the liner to fit your box, strip out the old liner, peel and stick.

Standard sizes available
Small (4.125" x 2.75") Medium (5.5" x 3.675") Large (8" x 4")

Millstream Ripple Boat Patch
This 12" x 15" ripple or 1/8" flat foam sheet is perfect for mounting wherever you need to pin a fly: boat, truck, bench... just about anywhere! The agressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing stays where you put it no matter what the conditions. One of our biggest sellers - every shop should stock a few.

Milstream Fly Patches
Ditch the old, rusty, wool fly patch! Millstream's Ripple or Nubby/Tack® Fly Patches keep flies secure, dry and at hand. The plastic clip will not damage or stain clothing, and the backing card features a chart diagramming two basic knots.

Millstream Strike Indicators

These pinch-on indicators won't peel, fade or run no matter how long they are wet. The color is part of the foam and completely permanent. Pinch one on your line at the perfect height and it will stay put - but won't leave a residue on your line when removed. Each sheet has 32 indicators in two sizes.