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Fly Cubes Size (2.1875 in. x 2.1875 in. x 1.25 in)

These inexpensive little boxes are great as packaging for small items. Custom printed, they stretch your advertising dollar a little further. The minimum order for imprinting is a case of 300 fly cubes. Available imprint colors: black only.

Medium Clear Clip Box (6" x 3.75" x 1")

This clear box features an optional clip that may be inserted in the back of the box to allow the box to be clipped onto waders, vest, pocket or belt. Roughly the same size as the Medium Classic Clear, the clip box has a rounded, ergonomic shape to stop snagging. Now available in lined and compartmented styles. Box ships with clip inside.

MSB-650 Med. clear clip box with NO liner
MSB-651 Med. clear clip box with ripple foam liner
MSB-658 Med. clear clip box with eight compartments
NT-650 Med. clear clip box with Nubby/Tack® liner

Split-Lid Box (7" x 4.125" x 1.25")

This Clever design allows independent access to the two section of the box by way of a crystal clear Split-Lid. Available in four different configuration, two liner option and three colors.

MSB-400 Split-lid box with two ripple foam liners
MSB-403 Small clear box with three long compartments
MSB-409 Split-lid box with ripple / nine compartments
MSB-439 Split-lid box with twelve compartments
NT-400 Split-lid box with two Nubby/Tack® liners
NT-409 Split-lid box with Nubby/Tack®, nine compartments